tips for

Tips for best results
cooking with Qbag

  • Place the food with seasoning and sauces into the bag with the EasyView Window facing upwards.
  • Fold the open end by 1cm, twice, pressing down firmly along the fold to seal.
  • Put the Qbag on a baking tray into the oven, or on the BBQ/grill, with the EasyView Window facing upwards and the BBQ/grill hood up.
  • The bag may expand during cooking. Monitor food through the EasyView Window on top without losing succulence. Excess steam will automatically self-vent around the window area.
  • After cooking, leave to stand for a minute before carefully removing the EasyView Window using the tab.
  • For a STEAMED, succulent result, leave the EasyView Window in place during cooking.
  • If you prefer a GRILLED or ROASTED result, allow to cook for 5 mins, then remove from the heat source and peel off the EasyView Window before returning to cook. This will allow food to brown off on top.
  • If cooking pork, lamb, beef in the bag, it is recommended to use a marinade or sauce to add moisture and taste.
  • Prepare meals in advance, place in the fridge/cooler/freezer and cook when ready to eat.
  • Experiment with seasoning blends, dry rubs, marinades, BBQ sauce, spice and herb mixes etc.

Safety guidelines

  • Do not use in a microwave.
  • Do not use in an oven with the temperature higher than 220°C (425°F).
  • When cooking on the BBQ or grill, keep the hood up to allow air to circulate around the bag.
  • Always keep the EasyView Window facing upwards – do not turn the bag over.
  • Qbag and its contents will be hot after cooking, use oven mitts and utensils to handle and serve.
  • Always use a supporting plate to carry the Qbag after filling and cooking.
  • Qbag is intended to be a single use only. Recycle or dispose of the Qbag after use.