About Qbag

Cooking has never been
simpler, cleaner and more convenient

A revolution in cooking and the secret ingredient to delicious meals – whatever the weather. Qbag consists of an aluminium foil pouch with a clear EasyView Window on top. During cooking, the food inside is visible, allowing you to easily monitor your dish without losing any aromas.

The bag provides a cooking chamber for food to cook in its own juices, and the window automatically vents to allow pressure and excess steam to escape safely.

This means you can simply leave the bag to cook on its own, without any further hassle.

The EasyView Window may be peeled off during cooking for stirring or tasting, or removed altogether after cooking to create a serving vessel.

By creating a water-tight cooking chamber, liquids and sauces stay inside the bag to infuse with your food, resulting in a full-flavour taste with no mess to clean up after.

Meat and vegetarian dishes can be cooked side-by-side with no risk of cross-contamination. Perfect for those with allergies.

Many people never use the top shelf on the grill because of drips on to the food below. Utilising this space, Qbag allows you to save time by cooking more dishes at once without any dripping.

Perfect for any weather, use Qbag in the oven or barbecue

If you prefer a steamed result, leave the EasyView Window in place. If you prefer a grilled or roasted result, remove the window during cooking to allow food to brown and crisp up.

Ideal for use on public BBQs/grills

Qbag protects your food from last time’s grime. Do you still want the classic barbecue taste but without the mess? No problem, just ensure the window has been fully removed before closing the BBQ/grill hood.

Qbag is able to make such delicious meals such as meat, fish, desserts, popcorn (BBQ only), vegetables in a million different combinations.

Available in two sizes

Qbag is available in two sizes – medium and large – in three pack sizes:

  • 3 pack medium bags
  • 3 pack large bags
  • 4 pack (2 medium and 2 large)

So what are you waiting for? Simply season, fill, cook and serve! Qbag is available online here or in Bunnings Warehouse.